Our Morning

via Photo Challenge: Morning

The alarm goes off at 5:30AM..but she sleeps..
because this is her husband’s wake up call.
At 6:00AM another alarm goes off
I can hear it beeping from outside ..
This is the alarm I am most excited about.
Still half asleep, she pulls her blonde hair back into a ponytail.
A pair of running shorts, some ankle socks and a t-shirt..

A few steps down the stairs .. I spot her first!
I see her through the french glass doors..
Every morning, before she does anything else,
She reaches for a coffee cup and lets the Keurig do its job.
Then, it’s my most favorite part – she sees me!
I’m waiting for her every morning –
I  jump up and down as she grabs her favorite pair of running shoes!

I stretch my short little paws against the glass door..
and give it a few licks.. waiting in anticipation as I see her lace up
and reach for the pink-polka dot leash!
Sometimes, when my big sister is still sleeping –
She will take JUST me for a run around the nature trail.
But, for the most part – the three of us spend our mornings together.
It’s our time – and it’s my favorite part of the day.

I like to run out into the field.. do my normal sniffing and bird chasing..
and come right back so I can enjoy her pets – she gives the best pets.
She waits for my sister .. who takes more time ..
We all walk back to the house together –
We play tug-o-war with the rope..
She throws my favorite ball – just for me.
She drinks her coffee – and pets that cat..

She reflects on the day and what it has yet to offer.
That cat tries so hard to distract her .. from me!
I stand up on my hind legs – she loves it when I do this!
She can’t ignore me now..that cat will  just have to wait..
I know he doesn’t like me – and still – I can’t contain myself
He and I will have our own little chat when she leaves…
But for now – It’s our morning together.