In Love … In Leavenworth

Every once in awhile, it’s fun to take a little car ride and enjoy a change in scenery… even if it’s just a day.  Last weekend, we ventured out to Leavenworth, Washington.  I had just transitioned my closet from fall/winter to spring/summer apparel and  I could hardly wait to wear my  J.Crew white cotton shorts with the embroidered pink tennis rackets.  My husband (who had been ready hours before me) didn’t even hesitate to tell me I was crazy for wearing shorts, and please, promise him that I would bring along a pair of jeans.  I (of course) had already decided that since it was April, it was supposed to be Spring and if I had to wear my spring clothing to will this weather into some sort of sunshine, well then – that is what I would do! … I did bring the jeans, just in case they “might” be needed.

Getting Ready To Go

We arrived in Leavenworth around lunchtime, our hotel room would not be ready for a few hours .. so it was time for some window shopping.  We hadn’t been in the first little shop for more than ten minutes, and my husband had already scoured the downstairs and upstairs .. while I was still just barely making it through the entryway.  I enjoy taking my time, looking closely at all of the trinkets, and this place had LOTS of them to look at.  Nate was quick to learn all about the “Taste of Leavenworth” booklet.  This was the first time Leavenworth had opened this event up to all vendors/businesses, not just wineries.  This month is known for pear harvesting, and so each shop who participated incorporated something with a pear.  The booklet was $25 and it had more free food than Nate and I could ever eat! We tried our hardest – to use the majority of the coupons.  Once the map of Leavenworth was in Nate’s hands  — it was as if he were on a mission  .. or a scavenger hunt.. to find these places and redeem his coupons! Needless to say, we discovered some of the best food and shopping that we would have never ever thought to check out, but this booklet was a great source for trying out new places and visiting with some of the nicest people.
The Taste of Leavenworth The Taste of Leavenworth The Taste of Leavenworth

After only making it through about half of our booklet full of coupons, we decide that the Orbital Inn will be our last stop.  We must try out the free belgian waffles with a pear & caramel glaze and whipped cream.  I’m not sure how I managed to eat more food, I was already beyond the “food coma” stage.. but, Nate and I shared a waffle and it was pretty amazing and worth every extra calorie .. that I certainly did not need that day.  Our hotel was just down the street from the Orbital Inn.. It was getting close to 4:00PM – an afternoon of walking and eating .. and now, maybe a quick cat nap before heading off to the film festival.  We stayed at the Leavenworth Village Inn, upgraded to the Romantic Suite .. so glad that we did.  The room was beautiful and the jacuzzi tub & fireplace added an extra indulgence to our daycation.

Leavenworth Village Inn  Leavenworth Village Inn Leavenworth Village Inn

We had never been to a film festival in Leavenworth, but it was $5 and just a few minutes away from our hotel.  I really had no idea what to expect.. The program said the films were supposed to start at 6:30PM, but it started closer to 8:00PM.  Nate and I stayed for the first half, watched about 12 short films, and decided to leave during the intermission… Instead of going back to our room, we took a stroll around Leavenworth.  The sun was gone, and the stars were out, and  — I was very glad that I had brought those jeans to change into! Walking around this little town with Nate.. holding hands.. enjoying the quietness.. it reminded me of when the two of us were still in college.  Oh, how I loved our evening strolls around campus together.  And, this .. this moment will be one of my favorite memories of us.  I know, something so simple as a walk around a tiny little town.. and a spontaneous stop for an apple strudel filled crepe … where we sat and talked about our day, our favorite foods we tried, our new favorite places, the places we would stop in “next time” …. the films we enjoyed most at the festival and what we really liked about them .. the ones that didn’t quite make much sense .. the ideas I had for the blog I would write about Leavenworth when I got home .. such random topics of thought, but still cherished just the same, because it was time spent together.

Stopping for Crepes.  An Evening Walk.. Next Morning

The next morning, Nate opened our window .. to SNOW! I could hardly believe it.  We watched (amazed) from inside our room .. I had wanted to do a little more shopping before going home, but wasn’t sure what the roads would look like. So, we packed our stuff up and stopped at Starbucks for a coffee.. oh and the Taffy store of course .. and two hours later, we were back home .. to sunshine!  It was truly a beautiful weekend – I enjoyed every minute of it.  We are lucky to have Leavenworth .. to have each other .. to be in Love … to be in Love in Leavenworth.

Hand & Hand .. enjoying our drive home together.

Hand & Hand .. enjoying our drive home together.

Perfect Sunset to end such a perfect weekend.
Perfect Sunset to end such a perfect weekend.