When I look in the mirror…

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror
by michelle w. on July 5, 2013
Finish this sentence: “When I look in the mirror, I . . . “

When I look through the mirror..

When I look in the mirror, I see a girl
smiling at a mirror in front of her.
It was her favorite mirror, she loved the yellow heart
framing it, and the brown smiling teddy bear
face, arms, and little legs that hugged the heart mirror.
She wondered if it once hung in her nursery..
She can only recall the house and the room it is in right now,
Capturing this memory, she sees her curly blonde hair and blue eyes
A fisher price doll house with its matching furniture pieces poke over her left shoulder,
While stuffed animals piled high on the end of her bed smile back
The day has barely started, and her only real concern –
making sure her doll Lisa is dressed, and that she’s ready for a day of play.

When I look in the mirror, I see a girl
getting ready for her first day of school
Pigtails, a pink polka dot tee, and perfection.
Eyes bright – she looks up at the teddy bear heart mirror…
The dollhouse, neatly stored in the corner of her room, now somewhat out of sight
She sees the pink & purple backpack draped over the little brown rocking chair
Waiting for its new destination .. her doll, still tucked in her bed, replacing those stuffed animals..
She imagines all of the friends she’ll make, all the new thing she’ll learn.
She wonders what school will be like. Her day, about to start, and her only concern –
What is cafeteria food, and will she like it?

When I look in the mirror, I see a girl
getting ready for her very first girl-boy dance
crimped strands of hair, a ‘hand-me-down” white tee with pink flamingos
She stares back at that heart-shaped mirror, watching her mother
help her apply eye shadow and eye liner for the very first time.
She remembers, “A little goes a long way” .. “You are already so beautiful”
Her mother stares back at her in the mirror, perfection.
She sees her two smiling friends Keri on one side, Nikki on the other,
anxiously awaiting the party at “Fat Boys” Pizza. “I love your jean shorts”,
one girls says, while the other chimes in “Yeah, you totally match!”
She’s the new girl in town, unsure of her surroundings, going to a party
with girls she has just met, her evening, about to start, and  her only concern –
what is “slow dancing”, and what if she doesn’t like it?

When I look in the mirror, I see a girl
getting ready to leave home
A home that (over the years) has turned into MANY homes..
In between the 30 something moves, that little heart-shaped mirror cracked..
broken and shattered into pieces, too many to pick up,
somewhat a reflection of her own heartaches and challenges .. growing up, maybe too fast.
She looks through the generic mismatched mirror that hangs above a borrowed dresser.
Behind her – boxes and a few suitcases awaiting their new destination.
She is ready for yet, another new beginning, a road trip – she’ll get to know her dad..
with years to catch up on and a 6 hour drive, this adventure is about to start, and her only concern –
navigating Seattle , without GPS and any sense of real direction!

When I look in the mirror, I see a girl
getting ready to marry her best friend
Curled strands of blonde hair frame her sun-kissed face,
adorned in white and just enough makeup, perfection.
her blue eyes, now full of wonder, love and  happiness.
She wishes she could freeze frame this moment in time,
just as every bride does.  Her special day, nearly half over..
A tap on her shoulder, her teary-eyed aunt looking back at her..
“It’s time” she says .. as bridesmaids appear one at a time behind her.
With one final dab of lip-gloss, she remembers that first time he winked at her
Another new beginning is about to start, and her only concern –
Their “first dance” together – she never did learn how to “slow dance”.

When I look in the mirror, I see a girl
getting ready for the day..sometimes for work
and sometimes for play, critical of her appearance,
questioning countless outfits, pointing out every flaw..
her husband can only answer the same question,
“How does this look?” so many times,before the mirror
is truly her only guide in the matter.

Sometimes she sees her reflection and is sure of her future
and where she belongs, but sometimes her eyes question
what lies ahead and certain decisions she’ll have to make.
These are the days she misses that little girl…
whose dreams stared back at her…
through a yellow heart-shaped teddy bear mirror

– By Heather Decker