Our Story

Our Story.


Our Story

Freshman Orientation Week
Aunt: “Heather, I’m signing you up for this Battle in Seattle”
Me: “But, I’ll have nobody to go with .. what will I wear … I don’t know anything about football”
Aunt: “Don’t worry, you will meet someone there .. oh look a $10 ticket on the rooter bus”
Me: “I don’t know if this is a good idea .. maybe…”
Aunt: “Okay, here’s your football ticket and you are on the crimson rooter bus”
Me: “Do you really think this is a good idea?”
Aunt: “Okay, let’s head to that bookstore and find you a CWU T-Shirt for the game!”

Sept. 25, 2004: GAME DAY
I am already having second thoughts about this “Battle in Seattle”
My roommate has no desire to attend a football game, she has other plans for the day,
I put on my Tee that reads “Western we know you suck” along with a pair of jeans
Lip gloss, camera, phone and tickets fit nicely inside my wristlet
I dread the idea of walking onto a bus
By myself ..one last glance in the mirror
One last spritz of perfume – in case I do meet someone.

Nicholson Pavillion
I stare at the three coach busses in front of me
As I step onto the Crimson Bus, I walk down the aisle
Passing more than one empty seat
Me: “Hi, is this aisle seat taken?”
Nate: “Nope, it’s yours now”
Me: “Thanks”
Nate: “Looks like we’re taking the scenic route to Seattle”

Seahawks Stadium – Battle In Seattle
We sat together at the game
We both won blue QWEST Fleece blankets
When he left to use the rest room,
He turned his head enough to wink at me
He told me the rules to the game
He asked if I would trade him my t-shirt for his sweatshirt
A phone call to my Aunt: “You were right, I DID meet someone.”

On the way Home
Central lost the game that day
I fell asleep on his shoulder
Nate: “Hey, wake up.. we are here”
Me: “Oh, thanks.”
Nate: “If you want, my number is in your phone – call me sometime”
Me: “Okay..”
Roommate: “Heather, how can he call you if he doesn’t even have your phone number?!? Call him and tell him that your aunt left these frozen cookies in our fridge.. just ask if you can come over and use his oven to bake your cookies.”

An evening walk around campus (4 years later)
Me: “This is the bridge where you first held my hand..”
Nate: “Remember this bench, where I kissed you for the very first time.. ”
Me: “Yeah, the snowflakes were just starting to fall, you gently whispered in my ear…”
Nate: “I love you”
Me: “And you promised you always would .. love me”
Nate: “This is where I convinced you out of beauty school”
Me: “Well, I was having a bad day..”
Nate: “And this is where it all began.. this is where we met”
Me: “I’m so glad that seat next to you was empty”
Nate: “Heather, the only gift I really want is you, Marry Me?”
Me: “Yes!”

This is one of my most favorite and cherished memories.. the day I ultimately met my husband.  I’ve heard people say that sometimes you just “know” when you’ve met “the one”.  I don’t think I knew that Nate was “the one” back then, but I did know that there was something special about him, and I wondered on that day just where this relationship would lead to.  It always amazes me how just one decision can change your entire course in life.  If I wouldn’t have attended that football game, Nate and I would have never met.  I can’t imagine life without him..although, I’m guilty for getting so lost in writing this poem, that I did (accidentally) forget to pick him up from the airport tonight.. my writing is a distraction, only because I was lost in such great memories.

For my single friends out there, I know you’ve heard this before, but it’s true: True Love always finds YOU, when YOU stop looking for it… or in the least places you ever expect to find it.