The One

Summer Sunflower


Daily Prompt: Keep Out

by michelle w. on July 9, 2013

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us OUTSIDE.

When I think of the question “who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog?”
I actually have a hard time narrowing it down to just one person, and for so many different reasons.
Believe me, I know that this is a public site, and when I hit the “Publish” button, it is free game –
for anyone – to look me up, to critique my work, to say whatever they choose,
to hurt me or to encourage me,
but when I think about that question,
there are few people that come to mind –
that (quite honestly) I wouldn’t be upset
if they were not reading my blog.

It doesn’t matter, how hard you try
There’s always that one professor, who has pegged you
as the “B” student, because he doesn’t like your metaphors
Thank you  for those sleepless nights, those numerous drafts ..
red marks, feedback that often left me in tears.
sometimes – there is no metaphor
Sometimes, It just is what it is
Professor P – this stanza is for you..
I really hope you aren’t reading my blog.

Life is too short to copy and compete with others
Our friendship started to diminish as you tried
and tried to copy ALL of my likes, my dislikes
my hairstyle, my clothing, pretty much my life.
Other friends said I should think of it as “flattery”
I tried, but our visits soon turned into something from
“Keeping up with the Jones’s” and I lost interest
in this superficial friendship.
“Xerox”- I really hope you are  not reading my blog.

Those who are closest to you are the ones who hurt you the most..
to the sibling and sometimes the parent who lashed out at me
because they are unhappy in their own life
I’ll never forget that voice mail – on my honeymoon..
I was disloyal to my family for not lying,
for believing in accountability..
to ‘the one’ who never said he would read this blog again,
to “the one’ who has erased me out of her life
I really hope you aren’t reading my blog

Ex-girlfriends and Ex-boyfriends
There is a reason why you are an EX
It’s time to let go and move on
Nate and I are happier than we’ve ever been
Please stop “friend requesting”, “Twitter Inviting”..
and filling your head with these “what if” scenarios
It is NEVER going to happen!
I hope you find your own happiness,
But I also hope you aren’t reading my blog.

-By Heather Decker