He carefully places each sugar cookie
On the table next to the sprinkles and homemade frosting
His mother helps him decorate his heart
He tells her, “Momma, you’re the most important thing in my life”

For a moment
I remember
Rolling out the dough
Pressing the cookie cutters
With my tiny fingers
Sugar Cookies
With her, my mother
I remember.

Every morning
She stops by for a cup of coffee
He doesn’t remember all the time
Who she is
But she reminds him with a friendly,
“Dad, you know who I am”
He smiles, and remembers..
His daughter
His grand-kids
His favorite time of the year, the start of blueberry season..
His precious memories
He remembers.

Every afternoon
He takes a walk with his mangled dog he calls “Sally”
to the cafe where he kindly pays for his meal
With his library card
“I’ll be down to pay, so sorry about that”
My aunt says over the phone
She has grown accustomed to this call
Along with spending time at a familiar place: COSTCO
His cart is filled with gallon sized coffee and ranch dressing
He remembers his late wife, “Sally” and dinner parties
Entertaining guests galore
A full house
He remembers.

Every evening
She kisses her youngest daughter goodnight
She has a selective memory
But I know she remembers
Her mother
Her younger sisters
Her oldest daughter
Horseback riding
Homecoming Dress shopping..
Heartfelt conversations
Homemade Sugar Cookies
She remembers.

~Heather Decker