Making Appointments


“Make an appointment with yourself.”  It seems easy enough right, to just schedule in some “me” time on the calendar – whether it means reading a book for 30 minutes, window shopping for an afternoon, sneaking off for a pedicure during your lunch break.. or maybe an evening latte at Starbucks. I couldn’t stop thinking about my coworker’s advice to me – what kind of appointments do we make with ourselves and why don’t we make them more often than not? What is it that consume our days and sometimes even our nights.. that we so easily neglect ourselves in the process.


There are certain appointments that I wouldn’t dare miss..they are date nights with my husband …weekend road trips..time spent with unexpected phone call from my dad or my grandma..An evening chat over a cup of coffee… or sometimes a glass of  red wine…A walk around the nature trail..a play date with my puppies while I watch the sunset. These are the “appointments” that I live for – that keep me grounded – that remind me of what is truly important in life.

I will be the first to admit, making an actual appointment with myself hadn’t ever occurred to me.  But tonight, I made that appointment, to come upstairs and write for at least 30 minutes.  I turned off all other social media devices, my cell phone is on silent and hasn’t been used..with the small exception of a phone call from my grandmother. It was my grandmother who reminded me that sometimes the appointments we make for ourselves shift to the “Need To Do’s” – but even then, they can be just as important.  She reminded me that sometimes it’s helping out a friend with their shopping, dinner for two and finding the perfect red leaf along the way. Sometimes it’s these unplanned events that become the most endearing and cherished moments in our life. Like my grandmother said, “You never know how much longer you might have to spend with someone.” She was right – these are the “Need to Do’s” that I need to pay more attention to.

When I think about my own distractions..and how sometimes I get hung up on the little things — dishes in the sink, a sock, a pair of shoes or dog toys all over the floor — I forget that it can wait.. the sunset will be gone .. friends will move away.. and someday Penny will no longer play with her toys.. and when my husband puts his arms around me .. while I’m trying to finish cleaning that one last dish.. he is expressing that he is totally in love with me.. and I need to stop and just live in that moment.. because, these are the “appointments” worth living for.



One thought on “Making Appointments

  1. Gretchen says:

    What beautiful words, Heather! You always get me thinking in a different perspective when I read your posts. Thank you for the reminder to live in the moment, and not forget the important things in life!

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