Behind Closed Doors


Little Girls

Echos of innocent whispers
trail down the stairs into the kitchen
She’s told her two little girls
“No dressing up that kitten”
As she opens the closed-door,
A tiny kitty is dressed in jammies
tucked into a doll bed
fast asleep..
“Girls..”, she says.. they flash back identical smiles
“But mommy.. Sara wanted us to put her to sleep.”

Little Boys
It’s a quiet afternoon
A cup of coffee in her hand
and her two little boys
silently sleep..or so she thinks
As she opens the closed-door,
no longer bare, but a colorful mural
with a “toddler’s touch” of new model car paint..
as far as their little fingers could reach
they froze..
“Boys..”, she says.. no words from the guilty party
Nap time is over, curiosity has killed the cat.

Growing Up
Behind the closed-door
two little girls
will soon be grown,
no longer tucking in kitties
As she opens the closed-door,
her girls snuggle
the now “undressed” cat
who is lazily stretched
across an overstuffed pillow
they cherish their childhood memories
closing the door behind them,
A new chapter of life has just begun.

Grown Up
Behind the closed-door,
two little boys
will soon be grown,
No longer decorating doors,
As she opens the closed-door,
her son tucks in his own toddler for “nap time”
she’s proud of the man he has become
he understands unconditional love, being a parent,
to keep an eye out behind that closed-door.

Color the Cat Blue Ear
“I’m sorry I colored on your cat,” she says.
in her sweet and innocent voice.
I try not to giggle, as my neighbor’s daughter apologizes.
My (once) white kitty happily walks toward me,
sporting a smurf colored ear ..
Still Growing Up
“When I opened the door .. well, she wanted to make him pretty,”
her mother sighed.. and my husband and I laugh.
“It’s okay”, we tell her .. still laughing at the cat.
For now, we can only imagine just what happens
Behind Closed Doors

-Heather Decker


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