The Sound of his voice

Word Press Weekly writing Challenge: The Sound of Blogging
*As I thought about this week’s writing challenge and “The Sound” of blogging, I thought of all the sounds I’ve heard or hear on a daily basis, and which of those mean the most to me.. or even impacted me throughout my life. At first, I didn’t think I would be able to come up with anything..but I surprised myself and love the end result!

He called me “his little girl”
He didn’t care what she said.
He knew in his heart, I was a part of him.
He doted over me, he loved me..and cried over me.
I wish I could remember the sound of his voice.


“Get that thumb out of your mouth!”
She didn’t care what he said.
“Your daughter is the problem in this marriage!”
He only pretended to care for me, his stepchild.
He resented me, he blamed me… and scared me with his words.
I wish I could forget the sound of his voice.



“I’ve always known you were mine!”
I cared what he said.
He was genuinely happy for this father-daughter reunion.
20 years had passed..He still loved me, thought about me, and soothed me with his words.
I wish I could hold on to the sound of his voice.



“I love you!”
He said.
“Will you marry me?”
He said.
I will always remember the sound of his voice.



“Yes, I will walk you down the aisle.”
He said.
“Yes, I will give you away.”
He said.
I will always remember the sound of his voice.

-Heather Decker



4 thoughts on “The Sound of his voice

  1. Colin Elliott says:

    My. O my ! What things you say ! I couldn’t be more prouder of my daughter. My love for her was never lost,She found me at all cost. Her mother told her I was a loss, but my little girl didn’t listen even though she wears a cross. But why ? I ask , she was the love of my life ! Marcia, she was my everything ! My 1st real love that I knew was the one I wanted to grow old with! Wow ! What a turn of events happened in my life! What my love had done, totally turned me into a bum, taking revenge with many women I found only for the shrink to tell me to forgive and forget ,which I couldn’t get done. I watched our little girl come into this world and her mother goin through the pains of giving birth, what a miracle of life with her mother hoping that I would not know what she’d done. Born Again she says she is, but treats part of her family like they are dead. Her mother, sisters, and 1st born, our daughter heather she has taken out of her life. Is this what Jesus has taught for her to wear her cross that her father bob gave to last as a loving memory that they had, Please have a change in heart, because we all Make mistakes. If the lord can forgive you ,can’t you forgive ? Heather, you are my little girl that I’m still getting to know ! Yes, I said I’d give you away, but I was hoping id have you to myself a little longer before the Nate entered the scene! Wha ! Thank you for not giving up to find your dad ( ME) I will never forget all those calls we had ,for hours we’d talk about our lives before we met at PDX with Paula giving you support. Always in my heart ! Love Ya. Dad


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