Saturday Morning Cinnamon Rolls

When we dated in college, we loved to pick up a Papa Murphy’s pizza, sometimes a movie at Blockbuster (this was before Redbox), and then .. there was that one other thing.. it was our last stop we would make to Fred Meyers or sometimes Albertsons.. to pick up the chocolate chip cookie dough.  It was the kind that came in the roll, already pre measured into that perfect circle … of sweet goodness.  This chocolate chip cookie dough – it’s the “excuse” I used to come over to his place.. to really even make that first phone call .. because well, my dorm room didn’t have an oven, and I needed an oven to bake the frozen roll of chocolate chip cookies that my aunt left inside of my mini fridge.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity .. and it was.

I always looked forward to these Saturday evenings.  I loved getting all dressed up, going over to Nate‘s and telling .. sometimes ranting .. about my crazy week and all of the ridiculous projects I was working on, and all of the “slackers” who drove me insane that I had the pleasure of “working” with on these group projects together.  I’m a team player and all, I just don’t like being the ONLY one on my team.. doing all of the work.  Sometimes, he would meet me on campus and we would take a little walk, making a stop in the Japanese Garden, it was always so peaceful to just walk, hold hands, and just enjoy each other.  This was our time together, without the distractions of assignment deadlines, studying for tests, lectures from professors, this was our time.. and oh how I treasured every second of it… our Saturday nights.. and our Chocolate Chip cookies.

Now, 8 years later .. we are married.  Don’t get me wrong, we still enjoy our Saturday nights… but sometimes, it’s the Saturday Mornings I enjoy the most.  It’s interesting how life changes once you graduate from college and go from dating .. to being married.  We don’t have children yet, so our schedules are still somewhat flexible.  But, professors have been replaced with employers and assignments have been replaced with testing bacteria in apple juice and keeping a front desk staffed.  These “tasks” can still be my “rants” of the week… sometimes of the day… but I love knowing that no matter what happens during the week, there is still Saturday to look forward to.  It’s still our day – we spend together.  We’ve “graduated” from chocolate chip cookie dough to something more sophisticated .. Cinnamon Rolls!  And, it’s our “Saturday Mornings” together.. okay, sometimes it’s our “Sunday Mornings” depending on how our weekend plays out.  Nonetheless, when we are grocery shopping together, and Nate picks up that round blue cylinder of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, not even on our grocery list..  I know what he is thinking about.. he usually has this half grin, looking back at me, I can’t help but smile.  We are both (already) thinking of our time together over Cinnamon Rolls on Saturday Morning.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Molly Barbour Faria says:

    Heather, I’ve been enjoying your blog, you are such a positive person! Good for you! And I see in your pictures that you have a HELLO KITTY TOASTER! Whereever did you find one of those? Cousin Molly, in Central Oregon


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