Winter Wonderland

I didn’t think we would ever get any snow this year.  However, over the past week, we’ve had plenty of snow.. and now I think I’m ready for Spring!  It has been nice though, I’ve enjoyed walks around our Nature Trail with my dog and my husband. I think it’s interesting how the first fallen snow always makes everything look so pretty and clean.  I suppose the color white has a tendency to do that.  It also seems that no matter how old I get, I’m always excited get out my snow gear and head outside.. in hopes of making that perfect snowman or even a snow angel.. My St. Bernard loves the snow, she loves running in it, sticking her head inside of it and even eating it.  She’s already pretty clumsy … add snow to that and it’s free entertainment. I love watching her almost gallop when she runs .. her head nodding up and down and her jowls also moving wildly up and down.. watching her, I wonder how it will be when I have children of my own.. There is no doubt in my mind, my husband will be out there with them, building snowmen .. pushing them around in the sled.. and I will be there too.. probably taking pictures but also enjoying those precious moments .. I so look forward to. I’m glad it snowed today and the past few days.. it really is just lovely.



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